Got a screen protector for my phone’s screen after cracking it yesterday. It isn’t perfect, but will do for now.

I started with saran wrap. It wouldn’t stay flat on the screen, making the screen look irregularly hazy and feeling rumply under my finger. It got worse and worse the longer it was on. I just ripped a piece bigger than the screen, so flaps hung over the sides and got in the way. It did protect my finger though, and the touch worked fairly well. But it definitely was a short term solution.

I then bought a $6 three pack of universal screen protectors and cut one sort of to shape with a utility knife. The “glass” of the screen extends above and below the actual screen, and it’s cracked there, requiring coverage of a curved shape. I just cut angles at the corners. There are bubbles along the cracks and edges, but I can still see the screen well enough. The touch is very smooth: can’t feel the cracks at all.

This will tide me over until I get a new phone, whenever that will be. Knowing me, I may live with it till April. And I have two more screen protectors if I get a small enough phone, though they only go up to 5.3″. The Librem 5 I’m eyeing is 5.7″.