Quite a latent Firefox bug this weekend. All extensions were disabled for all Firefox users at a specific time because of an expired certificate.

I first noticed it late Friday with a little slide-down from the top of the browser saying that an extension was disabled because it could not be verified. I clicked the button for more information to see which it was, but it said I had no extensions installed. I wasn’t sure if I had any in that profile, so I ignored it.

Later, I went to another profile. Got the same slide-down message and message saying no extensions were installed. But I knew I had NoScript installed. So I wondered if there was some kind of hack disabling NoScript to allow nefarious behavior or something. But the web quickly led me to the bug report about the certificate problem.

Saturday, they released a fix through their studies (sort of a data collection for new features thing). They released the final fix Sunday with version 66.0.4.