Today, we got a reprieve from the rain with some rather nice weather. I took advantage to do some yard work and to relax on my deck.

I’ve been planting plants in my foundation garden as spring has come in. Today, I planted some marigold and a small amount of other seeds, and a tall sedum plant.

In digging to put in better soil for the seeds, I discovered some roots from my neighbors tree. I grabbed a hatched and saw. I would’ve had to dig a lot around the root to make the saw useful, so I mainly just used the hatchet, hacking away. The first root I found was fairly small and chopped quickly, but then I came across a big 3+ incher that took me quite a while. My arm is now sore and the removal was pretty rough. Maybe I should’ve just spent more time digging so I could use the saw.

I hadn’t been able to mow my grass for a while, so it was getting tall. I mowed the front yard today, which was the shorter but drier of the yards. It was still tall enough that my power mower on the highest setting had to take fairly narrow passes to not make a mulchy mess. Assuming the weather holds, I will get the back yard tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll dry some more. It’s been soaked back there.