This weekend, I went to see the final performance of Tame by Rubber City Theatre. It’s a modern adaption of The Taming of the Shrew with LGBTQ characters and themes.

I liked it. There was good humor mixed with strong emotional content. The characters and dialogue were a bit exaggerated and stereotypical at times to obviate their message, but still managed to have an overall realness to it.

This play made use of the app I helped build during last year’s GiveCamp. It basically displayed text messages that were “between characters” (actually from off stage) on audience members’ phones. It also had a feature where audience members could send messages that would only be visible by the person off-stage. I’m not sure if that was used or not.

It was a little hard to read the app messages and pay attention to the play at the same time, but I started to get used to glancing at them in dead time. It did add a little more to the story at times. The app seemed to work nicely and looked polished. Glad I got to see our hard work being of use.

This was the first performance on Rubber City’s new stage at their new location. I guess I picked the right day to go. It was still a little rough, as it’s still being finished, but looks like it’ll be a nice new home for them.