GiveCamp 2018: Final day and end

GiveCamp is done. It was a success. We finished the chat app for Rubber City Theatre that will be used in live performances starting in June. Rubber City Theatre also was one of four organizations to receive the Craze eCool award.

We mainly did a few nice-to-haves, some bugfixes, and testing for the early part of the day. We ran out of things to do and sat for a while. The project manager and organization representative handled the handing off of code, preparing for the presentation, and going over how to run the app. She seemed happy with it. I hope it works well for them.

The closing ceremony was long, as usual. Our group had planned to demo the chat app as part of our presentation, but unfortunately the internet didn’t work. We were able to have people log into it on their phones, but couldn’t show it on the screen or do the interaction we were hoping to.

I had wisely packed my tent and gear during the lull before the presentation, so afterwards I didn’t have to deal with it. I did go for a walk out by the lake before heading home. It was pretty nice, although there were a ton of people.

The anticipated rain turned into just a drizzle Saturday morning and a very light drizzle for a little while Sunday. Glad I didn’t have to deal with wetness camping. It was quite windy at times, but my tent survived.

The project was fun overall. I got to learn new technology (node.js express server and on a real project I had only previously done short tutorials with. Learning is definitely a benefit of GiveCamp. And teaching once you get experience.