I was able to get wi-fi working on my recent Ubuntu install, but not with the built in wi-fi. I used a wi-fi USB stick from my Raspberry Pi. I then started to look into downloading a driver of some sort for the built in wi-fi, but got frustrated with the Ubuntu touch screen experience. Ubuntu had tried to make a phone OS, but it doesn’t seem they brought much of their touch code and experience from that into their desktop OS. There were lots of weird issues and difficulties: super thin scroll bars, no scrolling by dragging like touch phones and Windows do these days, small interface elements in general, pinch to zoom not working in Firefox, needing to double tap each letter on the touch keyboard sometimes, touch becoming unresponsive and then doing weird actions…. Perhaps, as the wi-fi problem might hint, they don’t have full support for this device. Hopefully I can get something reasonable working with this or some other distro.