This site was down tonight, possibly for a couple hours, seemingly due to another issue with DreamCompute. Dreamhost Status said, and still says “Connectivity Issues” and “Degraded Performance” for DreamCompute, though my server seems fine now.

I had been able to SSH in to the server, but couldn’t load the site or even ping it remotely. The site did work from a local curl request on the server, suggesting the problem was possibly a Dreamhost network issue. Rebooting led to nothing being available. Rebooting through DreamCompute’s panel led to an error. I had to hard shut down and start up through the panel to get SSH again, but the web server and pinging still weren’t up. I left things alone for a while and they were working when I got back.

This outage was much shorter than last time, but still worryingly long with no communication beyond the generic info on the status site. I hope they can resolve these problems.