Went to the Indians game with Jamie and Tiffany, but it got rained out. Jamie and I drove together, intending to meet Tiffany there. We sat several rows apart because that was how the ticket purchase went.

It was tied at 2 in the top of the third I believe when a big gust of wind blew into the stadium, knocking my hat off, tossing the guy in front of me’s towel at me, and bringing the focus of the crowd. They quickly got the last batter out, then brought out the tarp, even though there was no rain yet.

Many people went into the corridor area, and it became just a mass of people with a current in the center that weaved around clumps of people at the sides, sometimes stopping and splitting. Difficult to navigate. I was looking for dollar hot dogs, but the lines were quite long. I made my way to the upper deck, going up the very long ramp, but the lines were long there too.

It started raining when I got up there, but it wasn’t too bad at first. I walked around and watched the lightning strikes. There were lots, including some really nice ones.

I made my way back downstairs. It was still a mass of people. I slowly made my way until I found a stand with dollar dogs. The line was less long now, but not really that short. Luckily, there was a vendor with a bag of them right by the start of the line. I paid him two bucks and he dug through a sea of papers to find two of the dwindling supply buried at the bottom.

I went back to the seats to sit next to Jamie and eat my dogs. By now, Tiffany was there. We sat for quite a while. We talked. There was a game on the screen, Texas vs Oakland. Texas drew cheers when they scored, because Oakland is competing with the Indians for the wildcard spot.

The rain came and went. People several times over went into the seats without cover, then came rushing back up when the rain started again. We, having things to do in the morning, eventually agreed that if there wasn’t movement to restart the game by 9:45, we would leave. We waited a little longer, then got up. As we were making our way along the now much clearer corridor, the announcement was made that the game was cancelled. Then, more people started filling the corridor.

We made our way to Tiffany’s car, which was now parked in a puddle. Being the only one with normal shoes, I got in and pulled out. We were blocking the path to the exit, and an SUV came up, so we had to hurry everyone into the car, then let them pass. We followed them down the tight turns that were the exit ramp, then out.

It wasn’t terrible to get out of the garage, but there was a section that was really slow going. We parked in front of the garage where Jamie’s car was, then left Tiffany on her own to get into Jamie’s car and head home.

There was some great lightning in all directions as we drove. And the rain started up shortly after we had gotten in Tiffany’s car, so cancelling the game was wise.