An art auction with some pieces from my Uncle’s estate is happening tomorrow. There seems to be a separate website for bidding.

It was originally going to be both a live auction and online, but due to the virus lockdown, it will be held online only. Hopefully that won’t hurt the prices the auction can fetch too much. There’s a chance that people spending more time at home get to thinking about what art could make their place a little nicer.

Only 20 of the 400+ pieces are from my Uncle. His are lots 18, 94, 98, 202, 224, 238, 262, 325, 334, 335, 340, 344, 344A, 346, 348, 349, 355, 376, 401, and 402. The Buckinster Fuller sculpture (“Jitterbug Atom”) is the most valuable by far, already bid at $2100, Overall, it’s not looking like this auction will bring in a lot compared to the other sales.

There aren’t many pieces I’m particularly interested in, especially since I’m probably not wanting to spend much more that $100 on a piece. The native American painting (“A Turquoise and Silver”) is nice. It’s already at $100. I might be willing to bid on it if it doesn’t go up too much. The two Tobey sculptures (401 and 402) are somewhat interesting to me in part because of the artists’ last name, similar to my first name. They are also bid around $100 now.