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Akron Art Prize 2016

I went to see the art at Akron Art Prize yesterday. Today was the last day, so I wanted to get in before then. I spent some time looking through the many art pieces. I actually read the little description and gave a good look at nearly every piece. There were lots of interesting pieces, but several that especially caught my eye, in no particular order, were:

The event is one of Cogneato’s clients. We built both their website and the voting system. The voting system, which started as a web based SMS + website setup and migrated to a web-based phone app (PhoneGap with an API server) provided a lot of interesting experience, some of which I haven’t really had in other projects. This year’s primary challenge was figuring out how to get the PhoneGap part working and deployed, as the guy who used to do that left the company. I took some notes on the deployment part.

Haley Litzinger: New Site for an Old Friend

It just so happens that Christian Bryant, a previously former friend of mine from my Winking Lizard days, lives almost right across the street from my new place of employment at Cogneato. And it also just so happens that his girlfriend is another previously former friend of mine named Haley Litzinger. She went to school with me in my Woodridge days, was in my class, and we were two of the three percussionists from our class in the school band. We also had seen each other a bit in college at Kent and then on very rare occasions after that. I saw Haley drive by after work one day, found her email address on her website, and emailed her.

Haley is trying to make a career as an artist, a notoriously difficult task. She does these very interesting paintings that are composed of multiple layers by painting on and combining layers of a transparent substance resembling glass. They are very interesting to look at, and she has sold quite a few over the years, but not enough to make a living or a name for herself. She built a website (the one I found) to more easily show her work to clients or galleries. She’s no web guru, so the site currently looks sub-par, unpolished, and is missing a lot of content. It also has a splash page and second home page that takes forever to load and site navigation only on the home page.

So I offered to help her fix up the site. After talking about the project, I will be creating a new site for her from scratch. It will be a very simple site, so it will probably not take long at all. Even though it will only have four basic pages/sections, the gallery section will have a lot of individual images, each with their own page. I decided to use WordPress because of the images, giving me a fairly powerful image management admin section without much effort. To make it more interesting for myself, I decided to delve a bit deeper into HTML 5 for the site. I will likely post about this soon.

I hope that I can provide her a better and more successful site. She wants it to be very simple design-wise, but I hope I can give it enough substance to give it a more clean and professional look.