Cogneato to work from home due to COVID-19

Friday was the last day working at the Cogneato offices until this coronavirus blows over. There was talk of the possibility during the week and we started making plans for how we’d operate and communicate if we had to stop coming in. We were already having to figure out what to do for lunches, with restaurant dining rooms closed and many places not even staying open for takeout. Between Thursday and Friday, we decided it would probably be better and easier to just work from home.

At the end of the day, I packed up the computer that I use there and my lucky bamboo plant and said bye to people. Definitely a strange, unprecedented situation.

I’ve set up the computer in my home office. I will have to tether to my phone for home internet. Hopefully that will work. Luckily, T-Mobile is switching my plan to unlimited data for a month due to the coronavirus. We will use a private Jabber server for quick communication and Asana for keeping track of tasks. The rest of our work will largely be the same, since it’s already on local computers and our servers. Hopefully it will work out.

We didn’t talk about how long this will last, but I’d imagine at least a couple weeks. Hopefully not too long. I hope I don’t go stir crazy spending so much time alone at home. Being a contractor, I’ve worked at home as much as a few days a week in the past, but always had at least some time at Cogneato each week.

I won’t technically be saving much more than the 40 minutes of daily commute time, but I suspect I will find time and motivation to take care of things around the house that I’ve been putting off. I’ve already done some cleaning and setting up in my office.