I escaped my house and went on a hike today, after about 72 hours of not leaving my yard. I can report that the world is still out there, or at least a small portion of Akron. There were humans, or close facsimiles, out there too, on the trails like nothin’s nothin’. And plants and animals: They were out like spring was springing. With the warmth of the day, a perfect time to be outside.

I went on my usual Dogwood trail, requiring very little driving. The trail had dried quite a bit from Sunday, with only a few muddy spots of note. I came across plenty of people there, largely acting like normal on the trails. Several dogs, too, one of whom seemed to want to follow me for a bit.

The normalcy of the trip made things feel less locked down. This is a strange, unprecedented situation. Being stuck inside with this statewide “stay at home” order can make me feel trapped, constrained, imprisoned, &c. at times. I didn’t leave home as much as I ought to have without the lockdown, but now I don’t have a choice, or at least much less of one. I’m glad there are openings left for us to still be able to leave sometimes, even if limited.