hail in yard


Today brought rain and some short but intense periods of thunder and lightning and even hail to Akron. House shaking thunder woke me up early. There were frequent lower growls and occasional really powerful ones along with bright flashes. In the afternoon, another bout of this came. There was a period where there was no rain or wind at all, just thunder and lightning, giving an eerie feeling. Some of the lightning strikes didn’t seem to far way. Soon after, the hail started. It quickly intensified and became quite loud. Some of the pieces were at least quarter sized. When it started blowing sideways, I worried it might break a window or something. It didn’t last all that long and turned to just rain. It was enough water that my gutter drainage system was backing up, spraying water upward from where the downspouts go into the ground. Luckily, that didn’t last too long. I only ended up with a tiny bit of moisture in my basement.