When I went outside yesterday after work, I noticed a piece of the aluminum fascia on my roof was hanging down on one side and several gutter spikes had pulled out completely. It was a 10-15 foot section starting near a corner, the very corner that the movers of the former resident had hit with their truck sometime a bit before I received the keys. They patched it up, but it remained a bit bent up and drips when it rains.

Must have happened during the recent wind / rain. My house is always noisy, but it did seem like more than usual.

Right away, I went and grabbed the extension ladder and a hammer and inspected the situation. The gutter was bent down a bit. With the help of some gloves and a step ladder from below so that my weight wasn’t on the gutter, I was able to maneuver the fascia back up and most of the way into place. A hammer on the bottom edge got it closer, but it’s still down an inch or two on the one end. It was hard to get it to stay while twisting the gutter back into place and hammering the spikes in, so that’s where it will remain. I hammered the spikes in the best I could, but two of them wouldn’t go in all the way, with some pretty hard hitting. I bent up the gutter and punched through with the spike sleeve on one of them. At some point, I’m probably going to need to replace that corner, both gutter and fascia.

My neighbor opined that I would need to replace the whole roof before replacing the gutter. I don’t think that’s right. I’ll seek my dad’s opinion at some point.

I went along and hammered in the other spikes along that side of the house. Many were loose, and some didn’t really grab, but it’s better than it was. I’ve read that there are screws that work much better. I may replace some at some point.

Houses. More work and money.