With T Mobile’s free unlimited data upgrade ending June 30th, but no end in site for my working from home, I upgraded my plan to their “Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus” level. It costs 50% more, bringing it almost up to the level where I might want to consider regular home internet with a cheap phone plan, but there aren’t many options in Akron, and every time I check it seems only their bundled introductory rates would even be close, ignoring the other part of the bundle cost.

This new plan still isn’t unlimited LTE for mobile hotspot, which is the majority of my data use. In fact, it’s the same 10GB before throttling. The differences are:

  • Phone data doesn’t count towards 10GB. I can move a little more use to the phone.
  • Once throttling starts, it is at 3G instead of 2G. 2G throttling was almost unusable sometimes. Hopefully 3G is good enough for basic web dev stuff.

I have used 15-20GB per month since I’ve been working from home, so I will almost certainly hit the cap. I will have to see what it’s like at that point, and decide if it’s good enough or if I need to find a different solution.

I’d love to find a good spot for free wi-fi to help reduce my usage. The Akron library unfortunately blocks SSH, critical for my web development and related tasks.