I got bit by a tick today. This was my first definite tick bite. I know I’ve had them on me a few times before, but was able to remove them before they bit.

I saw a red, flat bite with a little black dot on the center. To be sure, I picked off the dot, scraping it a few times with my fingernail. It was hard to tell with its tiny size, but under bright light I could kinda tell it was a tick. It was definitely dead. I broke out my camera with macro lens to get a closer look, definitely showing it was a tick. After looking online, I’m not totally sure what type, but it was most likely a nymph, possibly a deer tick.

I hadn’t even been outside off of my deck before that today, hadn’t been in woods since Sunday. The spot it was, on the inside of my calf, I don’t think it would’ve been there for too long without me seeing. So maybe I brought it home Sunday and it found and bit me overnight last night.

The bite is about the size of a descent mosquito bite, but completely flat and redder. I put some antibiotic on it. I hope I don’t get Lyme disease. The symptoms sound like problems I already have, and I don’t want that to get worse. I will keep an eye on it. I’m not sure what else I can do.

Now I feel compelled to check every little itch, hair movement, whatever, of which I have a lot.