This weekend was the fourth estate sale from my Uncle Joe’s estate. This was the first one inside the house. It was amazing to see the first floor all cleaned up and staged for selling, from where it was when I was last there working on it. It sounded like they were doing well when I talked to John, the guy running it. There will be more sales to sell the stuff that didn’t go this time plus all the stuff still in the attic and basement. Hopefully they continue to do well and can make it through all this stuff.

I went today and bought a single item, a piece of art. It’s a cool metal piece, a bird on a flowering tree, in a Japanese style called Chokin. I think I got a good deal at $10. There were two other pieces I was considering: a painting of waves crashing on a shore and a painting of a squirrel. If they’re still there next time, I may buy them.

I didn’t make it into one room, the office, since it was kind of crowded. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything good there.

I didn’t see many tools this time. I probably would’ve bought some if there were some of the ones that were there last time. There are a few other paintings I’m on the lookout for. It’s possible I missed them being sold earlier. And I hope to get a VCR, of which my Uncle had several. Maybe next time.

I had intended to go on Saturday, and in fact, drove all the way there, only to find it had ended at 4 instead of 5 like I thought. Kind of messed up my schedule for my weekend plans, and I didn’t get much done after that.