Sportsball is back. Both baseball and basketball seasons have started / restarted. They’re getting surprisingly limited play on broadcast TV. Baseball had quite a few games right at the beginning but seems to have tapered off. Basketball just has a few on weekends it seems. That’s not unusual, but I would’ve thought they would’ve wanted to get more viewership with the lack of fans in the stands.

I’ve watched parts of two Indians games so far, both with impressive pitching performances by Shane Bieber and wins by the Indians. Shane tied an MLB record for most strikeouts in the first two games of a season, 27 I believe.

The Cavs are unfortunately out for the basketball season, though they weren’t doing well and weren’t getting TV time. I watched part of one basketball game, Rockets vs Bucks. Rockets struggled but won. I’ve been checking occasionally on the results of the teams I’m interested in, mainly Lakers and Rockets. I’m hoping for the Lakers to win it, mainly because of the kid from Akron.