I brought up my exercycle from the basement to the living room in hopes of getting more exercise. I had been doing running, mostly back and forth through my living room and hallway, since a health incident and high cholesterol diagnosis brought a recommendation for more exercise a few years back. I had been doing it almost every day for a while, but joint pain combined with other health problems, time constrains, excuses, to make for more missed days and light days.

Running can be kind of high impact. The exercycle is easier on the joints, etc, though not so much the crotch, and requires a bit less prep. I’m hoping with it being right there, plus better air than the basement’s and the TV to watch, I’ll get in more exercise.

The exercycle in question is an Ergometer 80C by Vitamaster, likely from the 80s. It came from my Grandma’s house. We used to play with it as kids. It’s noisy. I seem to have lost some of the bolts for the handles, so they can’t really be leaned on. The friction device used to increase resistance is finicky. But it works.

It’s pretty heavy and was a bear to get up the basement stairs by myself. The wheel was just slightly too big to rest on the stair without rolling. I was able to rest it somewhat, but had to hold it from rolling. So I’d lift, roll forward, hold, repeat.

I have it in the walkway of my living room right now. It’s less of a problem now that I have no guests (covid), but I still kind of have to squeeze by it. It isn’t the kind of excercycle that is easily stored away. I may have to rearrange things a bit so there’s a good permanent spot for it.