Finalish Joe estate sales and auctions

This past weekend and tomorrow had and are having some of the last sales of my Uncle Joe’s estate: estate sale, art auction, and weapon auction. After these, it’s mostly cleanout of the remaining junk from the house and selling it, plus any remaining odds and ends.

The sixth and final estate sale happened at the house this past weekend. I was camping, but I left straight from the campground on Sunday to the sale to get there about an hour before the end. It was amazing seeing the first floor and basement so cleaned out. I bought some C-clamps, a bunch of files, and a power strip. I was eyeing some VHS, but it appeared they were only selling by the box. If I could swap between boxes to get the ones I wanted, I probably would’ve gone for it, but didn’t feel like the hassle of figuring out if I could with my hands full already. It sounds like the sale went very well monetarily. There was some stuff left over though, including quite a few large tools like a bench lathe and table saw. Most of that sold to a liquidator, and the junk will likely be taken by Junk King.

The fourth and final art auction happened Saturday. Pieces 4, 62, 71, 89, 99, 109, 114, 116, 119, 120, 122, 126, 127, 132, 257, 324, 329, 338, and 339 were Joe’s. I didn’t pay close attention to this one since I was camping, but it sounds like it did reasonably well. I bought one piece with a bid set up before I left to the campground, a piece called Fische that looks kind of like a fish tank on the wall. As with the last time I pre-bid, it went for one increment below the max I bid, and I think that’s where it starts. If I had been bidding live, I would’ve likely gotten it for cheaper, but that would’ve taken away from my camping trip. One item was passed. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to it.

The third and final weapon auction is happening tomorrow (Thursday). There are only a few gun-like weapons, several swords, and a lot of knifes, plus a helmet, a belt buckle, and a few other odds and ends. Even lots between 12 and 20, even between 24 and 84, 96, 98, 101, 106, 112, 132, and 134 are Joe’s. Things seem to be doing pretty well with pre-bidding. Some of the knives are going surprisingly high. I’m not interested in anything in the auction myself and probably won’t pay too close attention to it, though I’ll be home and may pop on occasionally.