Apparently, the Western Fruit Basket sign that’s on the corner of the Cogneato offices / Full Grip Games got bumped by a semi today. Came around the corner too tight, went up on the curb, bumped the sign, and then kept on truckin’. Busted off one of the supports. The sign is still there, but I guess it was already making some disconcerting noises in wind, and now might fall in a storm or windy day.

I wasn’t at the office (still working from home), but heard tell from the boss. I stopped by the office to pick up my paycheck and surveyed the damage. Not much visible except the support that had swung away from the sign.

The Western Fruit Basket closed within the past year, so the sign isn’t really advertising anything anymore. The buildings there aren’t even allowed to have signs sticking out like that anymore, but it was grandfathered in. If it has to come down, that will be it, the last remnant of Western Fruit Basket and of that sort of sign there.

The building had another weird crash-related incident some years back: A mini-van had crashed into a pole at the corner of the parking lot, I believe after being chased by cops. The pole bent over and looked like it could fall at any moment on the car parked at that corner if it pulled all the way forward. It hasn’t though.