It was a sports-ball kind of day today, with a Browns win and a Lebron Lakers win. I went for a nice hike in the warm weather, walking the Chuckery trail. I got home a little into the first quarter of the Browns game, when they were up 3-0. Their offense looked good most of the time, usually able to keep going to get points. There were a couple interceptions on both sides, including one with a touchdown for the Browns. The other team did get a touchdown from a kickoff right after though, and managed to keep a little behind the whole game. Some good offensive and defensive plays and management of the clock near the end helped keep the Browns out of reach. So, they have their best record at this point since the 90s, and have a win against a fairly good team. Things are looking good.

Lebron, with the Lakers, got his fourth NBA title with his third franchise. The game was a blowout, which was a bit disappointing and less fun to watch, but I’m glad they won. The series didn’t come as easily for them as some assumed. Jimmy Butler and company played well overall in the series, even with some important injuries. I’m glad that Lebron has added to his legacy, even if it wasn’t with the Cavs this time.