I hung out with some college friends this week. Dwight and Grace came into town, and we hung out with Scott and Matt. We talked, had dinner, played some video games, and did a trivia night.

One night we had dinner at O’Charley’s. I had blackened salmon with asparagus and bacon mashed potatoes. It was good and satiating. We played a Mario strategy game on Switch. I won my game even when skipping one turn. It’s a fun strategy game, though a little confusing. We then played quite a few You Don’t Know Jack games. I wasn’t that good at it.

The other night, we ate dinner at Bellacino’s. I had a tasty italian grinder and some mediocre pasta salad. We played two round of trivia night there. Won one. I didn’t contribute much, just one right answer of Wilt Chamberlain and one wrong answer of Uruguay. Then we went back and played more You Don’t Know Jack. I again didn’t do well. I was particularly bad at a faker game that involved a bit of acting.

It was good to see them again.

While at Bellacino’s, my former middle school teacher Mr Howard was there. He came over and said hi and talked to me briefly. I was just kind of surprised and didn’t say a lot.