Two more auctions of my Uncle Joe’s stuff tomorrow: an alcohol auction and an art auction. The selling of the estate is winding down, but it was so big that even the wind down isn’t small.

The alcohol auction has nearly 1000 bottles of wine and spirits in 203 lots. There’s a variety and plenty of old stuff, especially 60s and 70s. Joe had a ridiculous amount of alcohol. What’s in this auction was just the better stuff. We dumped and tossed quite a few bottles that were opened or that we didn’t think were good anymore. For most of the time before we brought professionals in, we thought we couldn’t sell any of it. That’s what the lawyer said, but our estate sale guy and the lawyer were able to work something out with the court. I don’t drink, so I’m not going to be buying anything, but I do hope it does go well. Over $16k bid so far on stuff we though we had to toss or give away.

The art auction has only 9 pieces. That’s more than we thought were left though. His are lots 75, 260, 270, 342, 345, 348, 349, 351, and 352. Nothing I’m particularly interested in, especially with all that I’ve gotten already.