I reduced my political and philosophical postings since combining my personal and professional blogs, but this election season and other recent events have reminded me of the importance of doing something individually towards my beliefs and interests and goals. There has never been a political candidate who fully, or even significantly, matches mine. I mostly just coast and let things flow as they will. The system and general reality are set up to favor those with power. Those with power gain and retain it by taking from others or pacifying them. The system is big and there are many with power. We all have some. Acting to get more is risky, and many take the easy path to retain what we already have. It can be hard to know what we with little power can do to make a dent in changing this system towards what we believe is better.

The closer a person is to us, the more they should matter to and affect our world. Far off politicians should matter less than ourselves, family and friends, neighbors, locals. The farther away, the less power they should have over us. Distance is more socially and mentally than physically.

Politicians will only serve their own interests, which might work towards ours to some degree, but will also likely work against them to some degree. This is, in fact, true of any other person. We should work with others towards common goals, but will simultaneously need to work on our own where our interests differ. We as individuals are our ultimate representative.

Speaking and sharing thoughts and ideas in web-based forums can be one way to spread our influence and make others around the world see our perspective on a topic. A single, little known blog can be a tiny drop in a huge ocean, but even if few read it, or even just our future selves, it is something. Sometimes multiple voices can combine to create greater power. I will try to speak more towards the world I want on here. If we don’t do something, we shouldn’t be surprised when things go against our interests.