I’ve been trying to eat from more of a variety restaurants lately. Since lockdown, I’ve gotten much less restaurant food. Most of the time when I do eat from a restaurant, it’s been Papa Gyros or Marco’s Pizza, because they’re close, easy, and I like them. But there are many restaurants I frequented for lunch when I worked at the office that I haven’t or hadn’t been to since March. I’ve been trying to eat out more and get to them.

I’ve gone to Aladdin’s a few times since March. I’ve always liked going there, but the closest one has an annoying parking lot. There are more than a few things I like on their menu, so I’ll have to go back more to get the rest of them.

I went to Chipotle a few weeks back and have gone a few times since. I had stopped going when they required ordering online beforehand in March. Some branches still do that, but many allow ordering on the line like normal. A good quick option.

I went to Akron Family during lunch break during the week this week. Got a black bean burger with sweet potato fries, a common choice for me there. It didn’t hit the spot quite as much as I had hoped, in part because I’m frequently eating veggie burgers at home, but was still good. Glad to see the place is doing alright and still has many of the same employees. I will have to come back to get a salad and a french dip, other preferred options there.

I got some sesame chicken from Chin’s Place tonight. They had shut down in March and I worried they wouldn’t come back, but they did. Other Chinese places are either not as good, too expensive, or too far. They didn’t disappoint tonight. I will have to come back to get some garlic chicken, cantonese chicken, and lo mein.

Other restaurants I’ll have to try to make it to: Ranchero’s and other Mexican places I like, Chameleon Cafe, Wafa’s, Wally Waffles, Saffron Patch, Cilantros. I’m sure there are others I can’t think of right now. Some of those are far for lunch break while working at home though.