Yesterday was quite windy. Sideways rain, leaves blowing and swirling, debris, lots of growling and other noises. I don’t think I got any damage, though I did find a small shingle piece on my driveway. Will have to check the roof when I get a chance. I didn’t even notice fallen branches in my yard, though my neighbor had quite a few.

The wind was really whipping around the power lines when the front first came in, and I thought for sure the power would go out, but it didn’t then. It must’ve blinked out briefly while I was outside later, making me reset clocks and start back up my work computer.

I had wanted to get a fair amount of yard work done, but didn’t really get a chance: too windy and wet. I did spend a little time raking leaves from the northern side of the house, where they pile when it’s windy. I had blown and mowed some leaves for a couple hours the previous day, but the wind pretty much cleaned up the remaining leaves besides for the ones I had piled up, though the pile did shrink noticeably. I guess I could’ve just waited and done less work, but now I have quite a bit of leaf mulch. I didn’t get to do any bulb planting over the weekend, but luckily will have some warm weather again later in the week.

I saw quite a bit of damage on the news, so I’m glad my neighborhood fared well.