Up until recently, I hadn’t directly known anyone with COVID. Two family(ish) members tested positive sometime recently, separately. I was in contact with the one less than 10 days ago. They are both probably in their 30s, so hopefully they get through alright.

Jamie and Tiffany, who live together, are going to have to quarantine at home and take off work. Jamie will have to burn through vacation days. Tiffany, self employed, simply won’t be able to serve her clients and will have to hope they’re still there after the break. Her symptoms sound undesirable but manageable at home.

I don’t know much about Sean’s situation. His wife, though is pregnant and close to being due. I’ve heard it can be bad in pregnant people, so hopefully she doesn’t get it as well. He also may have been in contact with an aunt and uncle who would be considered high risk.

My parents and I were in contact with Tiffany. I haven’t heard anything from them. Myself, I’m not sure. I basically have some of the COVID symptoms all the time from allergies or whatever. Cough, congestion, breathing issues, fatigue, feeling cold, and sore throat are all common or constant for me. They haven’t seemed unusually present, though maybe a bit more than a couple weeks ago. I was quite tired last week, but that could easily have been due to lack of sleep while camping. I temped at 98.2 today: Normally I temp lower, but that is not high by any means. I am going to assume I don’t have it but stay home for another day or two and I will temp myself more frequently, get a test if it goes up.

At least one other family member may have separately been in contact with a COVID positive person.

Hopefully, those who have it just have mild symptoms and heal quickly, and those who don’t have it don’t get it, especially the higher risk folk.