I played Jackbox Party Pack 5 with Dwight and Grace over Zoom today. We had played it and other packs in person when they came up a month back and wanted to play again. It was fun. We talked for a good while after.

I installed the Zoom app on my phone since I have unlimited phone data but not tethering (at high speed at least). I didn’t like all the permissions it wanted and am glad current Android versions allow managing these to some degree: I’ve only explicitly given it microphone and camera access when it’s in the foreground.

Streaming video uses a lot of data. I ate through 1.86 GB in 2-3 hours. Glad I did the phone app. Except it was a small screen, obviously. It also tore through battery, and I had to plug in to keep going.

I did the game on my computer so Zoom could stay on my phone. It was nice to be able to type with a physical keyboard, which I can use much quicker than a touch keyboard. It was harder to draw with my trackpad than the touch screen, which I am terrible at as is. I also found the trackpad slowed down hitting buttons. But it worked.

The audio was a bit of a problem since they were streaming a screen plus video. When they were doing that, they were a little harder to hear when the game was silent and almost impossible to hear when the game was talking or playing music. So we didn’t get to chat much during that.

Overall, it was cool and I feel like I may want to do that sort of thing again with them and perhaps others. Especially during these COVID times.