Black Friday 2020

I probably spent more this Black Friday than any previous one. I bought four things, all of which I had already been planning to get and only one of which was on sale. I got:

  • Eureka Timberline 2XT tent: I had wanted one to increase comfort via spaciousness and height over my tiny Midori tent after feeling cramped on recent camping trips. I waited until it was on sale, and also got the fitted ground cover for slightly less than the normal cost of the tent by itself. I could have gotten it a little bit cheaper on Amazon but wanted to ensure Eureka got more of my money.
  • Columbo: The Complete Series DVDs. I’ve been watching this show occasionally on TV and Prime. Both have ads. TV has a specific schedule. Prime doesn’t have the later seasons and uses up my data.
  • Contour legacy knee pillow: I’ve been using a regular pillow, which only works so so. Hoping this improves things and helps with pain and comfort.
  • Chrono Trigger piano sheet music: My favorite video game sound track. I’ve been trying to get better at keyboard playing and hope having something I like that much will motivate me.

The tent was the majority of the spending, but it’s the more expensive sale items that yield the greater savings. I spent some time looking at headphones and convertible laptops, but didn’t make up my mind or find enticing enough deals on those. Perhaps for Cyber Monday.