USPS finally got me the teas I ordered as a Christmas gift. I ordered an Edinburgh Scottish tea sampler pack with whisky, heather, thistle, and Scottish breakfast flavors on December 12th. It took like 19 days to get from Philadelphia to Akron, with no updates during. Presumably held up in the big mail backup going through Cleveland. But it made it, so no big deal. I will give it to the recipients when I see them soon.

A funny related story: A couple days back I received a package and assumed it was my delayed teas. When I opened it, the slip said Scottish teas, but it said a different item than I ordered. I thought for a moment that, in addition to the delay, they had shipped the wrong thing. I opened the inner box and it was indeed a different type of tea then I ordered, also Edinburgh but a fancy tin of just the breakfast tea. But then I noticed another slip in the box: It was a message from a friend telling me it was a gift from them. Nice. And though I’ve been getting and enjoying Edinburgh teas lately, I hadn’t tried the breakfast flavor yet. I did the next morning, and it was good, and definitely a waker-upper.