Yay Browns. A classic Cleveland sportsball trope: get “comfortably” ahead and then struggle the rest of the game, making it a nail biter to the end. I was not expecting them to do well at all, with their head and other coaches and as well as numerous players out for covid, etc, lack of practice due to covid, players activated from the practice squad who presumably hadn’t played a pro game before, playing against a team that was undefeated their first 11 games of the season, though they struggled after that.

They had the best playoff first quarter in an away game in NFL history, with 28 points. After that, Steelers often drove down the field with little resistance, and the Brown’s struggled on offense, losing the last three quarters. But they held on and won.

The next game will be an even tougher game. Hopefully they can get some of the missing players and their head coach back, and maybe some practice time.