Took advantage of this great weather to hike the Dogwood this evening. Was a lot less muddy than last time except for one stretch. There was no ice on the trail this time, but the part that was iciest last time was muddiest this time. One spot, I sunk my entire shoe in, which was fully coated when I pulled it out. A woman was approaching to pass at the time and she said “oof” twice as she observed my missteps. She directed me to a dry path beside the trail.

I had meant to bring my boots. I grabbed them and set them aside while I was getting ready to go, planning to wear my shoes to the car, then switch once I got to the trail. But then I totally forgot them. So now I have muddy shoes to clean in addition to muddy boots (from last time).

As I approached my car after the hike, crossing the field, there was a nice warm breeze and kind of that feeling as a warm rain is approaching. It felt about perfect.