Purchase: flannel sherpa lined robe

I finally bought myself an expensive but very warm and comfy bath robe, LL Bean’s sherpa lined flannel robe, the black watch color. I don’t think I’ve had a robe since I was a kid. I’ve considered getting one for years, but couldn’t find one in stores that didn’t look too cheap and thin or was too expensive. But the advantages finally won out and made an expensive one seem worth it. Robes in general:

  • are quick and easy to don and doff, such as when I’m sleeping in the buff during the warm season and someone knocks on the door or something
  • let the crotch swing freely and have nice air flow
  • work as pajamas, for being comfortable around the house, impromptu greetings of visitors

This particular robe:

  • is very warm, like wearing a blanket
  • seems durable
  • has a nice flannel plaid exterior
  • the sherpa lining is comfy and seems to help my itchy skin
  • has three nice pockets
  • nice belt loops allow belt position to be adjusted


  • will likely be too hot for the warm season, aside from maybe short wears
  • is kind of stiff
  • short length, stiffness, and design contribute to making exposure harder to prevent than I’d expected
  • must be washed and dried cold or the flannel will shrink while the sherpa won’t

I had made up my mind to by this one some months ago, but they never seemed to have the small in stock when I looked. I would’ve liked to try at the store for fit, but they didn’t even have that model at the one nearest me. The small finally briefly had stock on the website last week, so I went ahead and ordered.

They said it delivered on Saturday, but it was nowhere to be found. I saw the delivery truck pass by the house at around the time they said they delivered it. Luckily, a neighbor came by that evening and gave it to me: apparently they had delivered to the wrong address. I was very pleased to finally receive it.