The spring weather keeps going strong. We breached 70Β°F today and I opened my house’s windows for the first time this year. Some days my house temp has gone a degree above the thermostat. Nights can get chilly, but I think it’s been weeks since a daytime temperature was below the high 40s.

My bulbs continue to grow. About a dozen crocuses have flowered now. Daffodils are getting taller but not looking ready to flower yet. Some areas are doing better than others. Of the bunch I planted in the back of my back lawn, I’ve only seen a few sprouts just starting. Intermixed with the ivy and periwinkle behind that, some spots are doing well but there are wide swaths with none. Along my garage is doing best, with a crocus up in almost every spot I planted, though I don’t see the daffodils there.

I went for a nice hike on the Dogwood today. Mostly dry. Plants are starting to sprout up. Was nice weather and some people were out but probably less than 10 did I come across on the Dogwood.