Overnight going into Friday was quite windy. I was awakened about 4 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep until 6 or so. There was a constant roar from the trees. Was really gusty and my house was making noises under the strain. It had reduced to more normal windy conditions by the time I woke up again. Luckily, no damage occurred.

During the wind, I was worried about my roof, but I walked around up there and everything looked fine. Only small sticks fell from the trees in my yard. My neighbor had some decent sized branches, but nothing that damaged anything that I saw. My nicely bloomed crocuses lost a few petals but seem to be in pretty good shape still. I had recently brought out some potted plants: I had moved them to more wind-safe positions and they fared just fine.

I had sucked some leaves out of my gardens and made a pile to mulch later, but it completely disappeared. Unfortunately, the leaves still in my garden and other areas didn’t blow away for me, so I still have some work to do there.