After another strong anxiety attack, I’ve been off and on sickly for over a week. I really struggled with it at first and felt like I was dying. I ended up driving myself to the ER, my first visit as an adult, because symptoms were somewhat similar to Covid and I was struggling to breath. Tested negative for Covid, thankfully. Since, I revealed a lot about my health that I had up till then kept largely hidden from my family, and they have come to my aid in a way I’m really thankful for.

Many symptoms / issues have been things I’ve dealt with chronically, only more intense making me wonder whether this is a “cold” virus as proposed by the ER docs, presumably brought in by weakened immunity during my attack, or my long term issues getting worse, or a combination of the two.

Besides the ER docs, I saw two different general doctors. The second one, I chose as a new primary care doctor who’s closer to home, though being in downtown Akron and a big facility kind of weakens that advantage. I was able to present more of my issues than I had in the past. More tests were taken or will be soon.

It was decided that my anxiety was the highest priority. A referral will be made and hopefully I can get into therapy very soon. That issue is really getting out of control, is or is likely causing lots of my other issues, and is making it very difficult to function. I need to get that improving.

We didn’t go as far with moving toward solutions for my other problems, aside from my more acute issues. I’ve gotten medicine for my nausea, as well as potassium. The upcoming tests may reveal some more about my chronic issues and bring some further recommendations though.

I thank my previous PCP, Dr. Gratz, for her help in a time of need. I only presented a small number my issues, but what I did present, she took interest and time looking into them. I stopped going due to cost, confusion of when I should go in next, and a lack of the compulsion of another major incident, but had I, I’d bet she would’ve found more out for me and helped me avoid the state I’m in now.

I really should’ve shared this chronic stuff earlier and to a greater degree, both in this past week’s medical experience and in the years after high school when I avoided going to the doctor until incidents force me to. I now have: years of medical issue backlog; lots to figure out in the limited time doctors make available; a need to learn the medical system as I go.