I had another tick, a big one, though this time it didn’t leave a mark at all. Must’ve not been there long. I found it while scratching my back as I was going to the bathroom, right after I woke up. I felt a large bump that I thought might be an unusually large pimple or something at first, but I picked at it a little, only to find that it moved and partially lifted off my back. I pulled at it until it came off and looked at it, verifying that it was a tick. I dropped it in the toilet and flushed it. I wouldn’t normally kill even an arachnid, but I draw the line at ones with potentially dangerous bites.

I’m not sure where I got it, since I hadn’t been outside since the previous day and had only spent time outside in my parents’ yard. They do have a forested ravine that I walked near to, but didn’t go into or touch the plants. They have a dog that gets ticks sometimes, so maybe it came off of him.

I’m glad no itchy rash this time.