I accidentally went to the wrong restaurant for lunch today and almost overheated myself in the process. My coworker wanted to have lunch with me. I thought he said Village Garden, possibly because I was thinking of it, but he really said Akron Family.

It was hot and humid outside, stifling, hard to breath. My car’s AC doesn’t work. I felt pretty hot on the drive to Village Garden. I didn’t see my coworker’s car, so I waited outside, but it was pretty hot with the sun beating down on the lot. I went and sat under the tent they had near the door, and popped out occasionally to check for him. After a while, I texted him that I was waiting by the door. I was getting thirsty so I went to my car and drank some water, which was hot from sitting in my car.

After some time, he texted back saying he went in and got a table, then asked making sure he had said Akron Family. I texted back that I had gone to the wrong place and would head over. I texted my order. That was maybe 20 minutes after I got there.

When I got back in my car and started driving, it really felt hot. The fan just blew hot air that kinda felt worse than no fan. City driving was not really fast or steady enough to cool down from the windows. As I went on and really started to feel hotter, I had more trouble breathing. I sipped my hot water, but it only kinda helped. Anxiety started to kick in, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to make it to Akron Family. It was kinda a blur as I pushed on, just focused on making it there. I felt some relief making it to the lot.

I sipped some more water, then headed inside. I felt the air conditioned building help immediately, but it was more like it took away the input of more heat than like it cooled me down: I still felt overly hot. I felt like I might’ve almost approached heat exhaustion levels or something. When I got my cold water at the table and took a drink, that really helped. It took a few minutes, but I eventually felt alright.

I had a tasty grilled chicken salad and talked with my coworker.