I got sick again with virus-like symptoms. It was rough at first and kind of hard to take when it had seemed like my health was getting somewhat better. I really felt like I was back where I had felt I was before, unable to fully care for myself. I luckily felt mostly alright today.

It started up while I was going out to lunch with my coworker. I was a bit anxious during the drive over, especially after having nearly overheated myself the previous lunch. When I got in and sat down, I gradually felt my anxiety and malaise building. Soon after I ordered, it felt strong and my coworker noticed and asked if I was alright. We requested the food to go, but it took a really long time to come up. The whole time I was considering just giving my coworker money and heading out. The drive back was anxious and I barely could eat any of the soup before I had to lay down and rest pretty much for the rest of the day.

Symptoms included: anxiety; trouble swallowing; stuffy nose; body aches, pains, numbness and tingling, especially in abdomen, back, legs; weakness, fatigue; coldness, hotness; loss of appetite and nausea; diarrhea (brief); mild breathing difficulty; mental slowness; blurred or swirling vision; thirst; frequent urination.

I was only been able to work (my job) a little over an hour in the couple work days since. I felt better in the evenings but then was worse again in the mornings. I couldn’t do much at home either the first several days but did do some vacuuming and got my back lawn mowed over the weekend. I’m hoping I’ll be able to work something close to a normal day tomorrow.

My doctor suggested it’s probably a virus caused by my immune system not having contact with and building an immunity to enough viruses during the pandemic. That would certainly be better than it being a flare-up of my long term issues that will keep happening, but still have to wonder how many more I’ll have to get sick like this before my immune system gets back to normal. It’s tough to take, especially on top of my chronic issues. Hopefully things continue to get better from here.