I spent $900 to get my car’s AC running again. It stopped running several years ago. I’m finding it more difficult to deal with the heat with my health problems, so I decided I wanted to go for it even though it was expensive. It has made quite a difference.

I had paid Cascade $100 to test and refill it a while back. They just said that a cap was loose, tightened it, and refilled it. Thing is, they were the ones that had refilled it last, like a year previously, when they were working on something else and charged me $10 as an add on to refill. That first time it lasted it about 3 days; the second, it didn’t work for a minute. So this time I looked elsewhere. Mr. Tire wanted $1200 to replace the compressor plus evacuate and refill. Rad-air wanted $900 to do the condenser and refill. I went with them and it’s working so far.

It blows nice and cold, quickly. It seems to cycle on and off kinda frequently, but so far that hasn’t been a problem. Let’s hope the cool air lasts. Cars really build up heat, and sometimes I can think I’m alright when I’m really getting overheated. The cool air can feel good even when I’m not feeling too hot.