Merry Christmas, all. I had a fine day preparing for and then enjoying dinner and a get together with four other family members.

It was a gray, wet day, unseasonably warm. I walked around the neighborhood in the morning, looking at houses and the Christmas decor. I had some nice Edinburgh tea when I got back. I spent much of the afternoon making my pecan tassies for dessert, which came out well, fairly moist since I cooked them a little less than usual. At my parents, we enjoyed some kraut balls, stuffing (dressing), green beans, cauliflower, biscuits, ham, and duck for dinner. It was good. We watched the Browns game, which was disappointing, though the other team had the help of the refs. We exchanged gifts and watched some basketball and other things after.

I gave more monetarily than usual this year because I’m thankful to all of the people there for the help they gave me with my health issues and because I seem to be doing well enough money-wise to afford it. Most of the value was in cash and gift cards though, as I find it hard to find things for them.

I got a crossword puzzle book, a book of Ohio wildflowers, Bomberman for NES, some Tea Forte herbal teas, and some tea storage containers among other things.

To all, a good night.