Merry Christmas Eve. I spent part of my day day preparing gifts and sending Christmas cards (yes, they’ll get there after Christmas). I also spent several hours in this 50-some degree weather mulching leaves. I was supposed to prepare my pecan tassies for tomorrow, but I figured that I’m not going to get weather like this again until spring.

I had pierogis at my parents’ for dinner. I watched a quarter of It’s a Wonderful Life with my mom before heading home. I didn’t feel like watching all the way through, plus I was hoping to start on the tassies tonight. That didn’t happen though.

I watched the second season Christmas episode of Community, a good episode. I also caught the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life. I’d kind of like to watch some other Christmas things, but there’s not a lot of time.

Tomorrow is Christmas. Having a five person, small family dinner instead of our usual bigger family event because of covid. I’m hoping I can prepare make the tassies better than last year and without rushing.