I was hoping I’d get a longer break from shoveling snow, but it snowed a decent amount yesterday and today. There was perhaps 8 inches at my parents yesterday, where I helped shovel during the day. I went home in the evening, and was able to pull in the drive just fine, but did shovel for walking and to keep the drive from packing down. There was probably more of 4-6 inches there. The drive home was just fine. I used the shoveling as exercise in place of my evening walk.

Today there wasn’t a lot of depth, maybe an inch or two, but it was continuous all day and made for somewhat bad driving conditions on the way home. There were parts that were fairly cleared but parts where I occasionally slipped and parts where I had to go 25. I shoveled the walkway for a couple minutes.

It’s not supposed to get above freezing until next week. It was close in areas tonight though, so some roads were slushy and roofs were dripping. My house has an ice dam near the back door and icicles are forming there.

All this snow isn’t great for my walks. Besides the obvious coldness and wetness, almost all of the sidewalks are too deep to walk on near my house. I have to walk on the roads, so I avoid most of the busier areas. Near my parents, they don’t get much traffic, and there are no sidewalks anyway, but the plow has left the roadway narrowed, so it’s still a little tight when cars go by, and the road is more likely to be slippery, slushy, or with enough snow to affect walking.