My boot has died, or at least was maimed. Trudging through the snow for one of my morning walks, the sole came off at the front and started hanging down, catching on the snow as I went. I had to kick my foot a certain way as I walked to have it land properly, but it was kind of a pain to do and tiring. By the end I was just letting it flop, which led to it hanging and then bending backwards so that I wasn’t walking on the sole at all. It was only attached at the very back. I didn’t have much traction on that foot this way, but it was manageable.

These boots have been with me for a long time, and in fact, the soles on both had detached a couple years back. I had used some shoe glue and tape, which managed to hold nicely until now. I may try the same thing again, but that would just be to have some spare boots / dirty-job boots. I think it’s time to get some new ones for my normal pair.

Based on my dad’s recommendation, I’m considering getting the Trail Model 4 from LL Bean. He seems to like them and has had good luck with them. They’re also on sale for the less desirable but still alright blue-gray color. They’ve a higher ankle than my old boots, which should make them better in the snow.