I was all ready to head off to work this morning when my Subaru Impreza’s transmission started acting up. It felt kind of like it was slipping, with a shuddering / shaking of the car. A number of dash lights lit up and the engine was throwing code P0700, which is something with the transmission module. The transmission’s a CVT, and the early ones sound like they may have longevity issues. The company extended the warranty on it from 60k miles to 100k miles, but as it happens, I’m about 2k past that. The problem wasn’t noticeable until this morning, although the car’s mileage and power have seemed lower for some time.

I sure hope the problem isn’t really expensive, as transmissions can be. If it is, that might be the last straw for the reliability and value of Subaru’s in my mind. I’ve had to deal with wheel bearings, brake calipers, AC condenser, and exhaust all in the past year and a half.

I dropped it off at the dealership (Cascade) today for an appointment tomorrow. I didn’t want to have to deal with it in the morning, especially with the snow and ice that are supposed to be covering everything.