Impreza transmission replacement

After about a week and five days without my car (Subaru Impreza), I got it back with a “new” transmission. It’s actually a re-manufactured transmission, and it would’ve apparently cost $9k. Luckily, Subaru covered it, as their CVTs up to 2017 have reliability problems. They had extended the warranty to 100k miles. I was at a little less than 102k, but they still honored it.

Two weeks ago, the transmission had suddenly started slipping and shuddering. The mechanic said the chain was slipping. They don’t fix the CVTs for internal problems, so they had to replace it.

Car seems to be mostly back to normal. The slipping problem is now gone. There is a rattling sound, but I’m not sure if that is the transmission or not. Sometimes when I come to a stop, it feels like the engine wants to stall for a second before it gets to a normal idle. Also not sure if that is related. And it may feel a little sluggish accelerating sometimes. I was hoping that the car would perform better, get better milage and what not with the new transmission. But as long as it performs as well as it had been and reliably, that’s what matters.

So I now have a car with a rebuilt transmission, fairly new rear wheel bearings, a front wheel bearing with 40k miles on it, fairly new front brake calipers, and an engine rebuilt to install new valve springs 14k miles ago. I’m hoping this car will be pretty solid for the next 100k miles without other major problems cropping up.