During my sick time at home, I discovered that Cosmic Osmo, Manhole, and Spelunx are available on Steam for modern computers. My brother found them and told me about them. Only $8 for all three. I got them. The first two are classic games from our childhood. They are kids games, but I got them for the nostalgia. Never played the third, but I heard about it, and it’s supposed to be similar.

I’ve only played Osmo so far. It is the same old black and white game and they haven’t even done anything to have it fit better on larger monitors, so it’s somewhat small on the screen. There is a hiccup in almost every action taken and frequently in music or other sounds, which is annoying. There are some things that seem to be buggy or not work, like a blacked out painting on the mackerel and an inability to change paint colors on the easel. But it mostly works and lets me experience the game on a more modern computer.

Cosmic Osmo (as well as Mahole) has no specific objective, just click on things and explore. I remember a lot of the things in it. It’s not fun for an adult per se, but is nice to bring back childhood memories. Osmo’s ship, honking noses, Ship Chip Lander, plenty of music, the mackerel, etc. I like the music. Too bad for the hiccups.

I still have the originals of both Osmo and Manhole, but they only run on pretty old hardware. I rarely boot those up anymore and I worry about their longevity. Floppies especially are prone to aging out, and I think Manhole is on them, while Osmo is on a CD.

The version of Manhole from Steam is a newer, color version. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m hoping that since it was remade at some point it will work better on newer computers. Spelunx is also color and looks like it was probably remade more recently.