Porkbun has moved to Cloudflare for providing their DNS service. That is fine with me after they had an outage earlier in the year: Cloudflare DNS is pretty reliable.

By chance, I noticed that a number of CAA records were added to the two I normally have on my domains. They weren’t in the DNS list in the Porkbun admin, but were there doing eg dig tobymackenzie.com caa. These ones were added:

  • pki.goog
  • comodoca.com
  • digicert.com

This is apparently Cloudflare’s Universal SSL feature, and will allow for an upcoming feature where Cloudflare proxying can be set up through Porkbun’s interface. This is nice, but not something I’m going to be using anytime soon for this site. So I had support remove the CAA records, which seems to be the only way it can be removed.

Anyway, hopefully this all is for the better and gives reliable DNS.