snow covers Christmas lights, making nice glowing bumps


I was not expecting this much snow. First of the year to require shoveling. When I went into work it was gray skies, but I wasn’t expecting snow. I didn’t look out the window at all during the day, so I was surprised when there was a solid covering on the grass when I got out. My dad measured 6.5″ inches at his house the next morning.

It was coming down quite thick at times on my commute from work making for poor visibility, but the roads were still mostly fine. My drive home Monday night was definitely worse though. I drove 20-30 mph most of the way. The roads had a solid layer of snow most places, including hills. I had to go into first gear going up the Merriman hill, which I took as an alternative to hills I expected to be worse. It was a little worrying at times but I made it. I probably need new tires at some point.

Anyway, the snow looked quite nice, coated the tree branches and solidly covered most everything. Including some Christmas lights, pictured above, which looked cool.